Why this is brillant

Integration Made Easy

No complex technical skills required, build a quick way to let your customers virtually try beautiful frames.

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Powerful Rendering

Svalbox uses the most advanced Web technologies to provide the best result your browser can do.

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Unique Experience

Svalbox works out of the box in a few seconds with no constraints on your customer journey.

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Integrate Svalbox in a trice

Integrating Svalbox in your flow is easy, everything is self-hosted and executed client-side. There is no other third dependency. No data is sent anywhere. That means you have full control on your flow.

No extra resources are needed to make it work, just a few images to display beautiful 3D frames. The live rendering uses the camera and doesn't require to record or store any video. Or course, everything is compatible Desktop, iOS and Android.


Increase your productivity

Svalbox provide a proper and modern way to do eyewear shopping online. Offer a unique and immersive experience to your customers, and be sure to grow your business.

We are already working on new features like the ability to calculate the real dimensions without any credit card or whatever. A personal Marketing Dashboard will also be available. Stay tuned.

Real-time Metrics

Because keeping an eye of your productivity is important.



You can analyze at a glance the audience on your website using Svalbox

Improved targets

Svalbox helps you to target the pages with the most interest for your customers.


Get the widget that you can easily integrate anywhere in your Back Office.

Risk-free database

We store all the data on our servers. It lets you focus on your business.

It's time to change your mind

Svalbox is within your reach. Give it a try!
We say you won’t look back.

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